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  • ScreenX is the world's first multi-projector movie technology that captures movie-goers with a 270-degree panoramic view by extending the screen to the side walls of the auditorium.
  • ScreenX is a multi-screening system that utilizes the side walls of the movie to extend the movie screen to a 270 degree, lifelike visual experience.
  • On the sidepanels, as they only assist to the story on the central screen, there is not always content, only if it requires the visuality of the movie or adds it to the movie story.
  • The central screen is still where most of the events are visible. The system uses the "wings", for content that greatly adds to the visuals and when it was considered necessary for the film's story by the film director and the ScreenX producer.
  • The ScreenX Room has a capacity of 223 people
  • ScreenX Cinema is available exclusively at the Cinema City Arena - Budapest.